SecureDocs Virtual Data Room Review

SecureDocs is one of the options for a budget virtual data room suitable for small, medium, and large businesses. Users mainly turn to this service if they need to store data and exchange it securely in two directions.

Program interface

The first thing that catches your eye is a simple and intuitive program interface consisting of a side left menu and a large workspace. There is also a handy top menu. With a few clicks, you can easily navigate between your projects and tasks and different documents in your company.

In the workspace, you can customize the display of files. For example, here, you can see the name of the file, its size, as well as the date of download. If necessary, you can add other data that would be displayed on the main screen.

Task Board

It will be much easier for company employees to deal with tasks for the day or month if they have a task board. The SecureDocs developers have done everything necessary to enable you to plan.

According to the planning goals on the SecureDocs board, there are operational, tactical, and strategic planning.

Operational planning involves solving current tasks set by higher authorities or enterprise management to solve traditional (usually operational) tasks.

Tactical planning consists in substantiating and choosing ways to solve and achieve the tactical goals of the enterprise.

Strategic planning includes the selection and justification of tasks and means to achieve the enterprise’s strategic goals, usually for the long term.

Access settings

The program has a separate window where you can configure user access. To do this, SecureDocs proposed to divide all participants into several categories, each of which has a different level of access to each folder.

For example, users with full access have the right to see files, view their contents, download them, and even edit them.

A user with a minimum set of rights may not even see some documents since they are closed from him.

Trade window

In a special window, you can conduct transactions. Each transaction is executed as a separate task, inside which documentation and the actual processes occur. You can leave messages for other participants in the trade, download or view documents, and communicate with specialists via a secure channel within the program.

Audit tools

In the program, you can organize an internal or external audit of the company and conduct due diligence. This is necessary if you want to understand your company’s strengths and weaknesses and what you should pay attention to. A potential investor is usually interested in due diligence. Before buying a business, a thorough analysis of its work, income, and expenses is carried out. In general, the study of profitability.

Built-in file editors

SecureDocs has many integrations with other programs so that you can comfortably view and edit files in the virtual data room. You can also leave notes or comments on files.